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Media Discrepancies: The black and dark side of media

Deccan Herald
28 April 2010

The CID has reportedly been able to locate Tamil actress Ranjitha, with whom Nithyananda was shown in secretly recorded videos having sex with, somewhere in Thiruvananthapuram.

The Siasat Daily
29 April 2010
Respecting their call, the Tamil actress came from Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday evening and met the CID Police. Later, they took her to a secret place to interrogate her. According to the police sources, the actress will be considered as the witness for Nithyananda's case.

The Siasat Daily
30 April 2010
Chennai, April 30: A legal notice has been issued to Internet major Google and its subsidiary YouTube on behalf of actress Ranjitha asking them to remove the video clips, purportedly linking her with Swami Nithyananda by 5 pm on May 2. The notices were issued by a Delhi-based law firm, P M Law Chambers.
“Releasing a ‘statement of Ms Ranjitha’ to the media on Thursday, advocate Prashant Mendiratta of PM Law Chambers, said that it was her first statement to the media after March 2. It claimed that her purported interviews published by a few publications were ‘totally fabricated’ and ‘totally false’.”

Deccan Chronicle
01 May 2010

She had ‘disappeared’ after the alleged sex scandal became public on March 2. Several attempts by the CID to trace her failed till Mr Mendiratta on her behalf issued legal notices to Google and Youtube asking them to remove the videotape from their websites by May 2.

Black & Dark Side of Media
Media keeps on twist and turns a lot of facts on Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda false allegation. Media trying very hard to influence CID team, police and devotees by releasing false and malicious facts on their media. There cannot be any other reason, why media taking a lot of effort and continuously publish false allegation about or Guru Nithyananda on their media other than they are directed and paid by top politician. Media just dance to tune of this politician to earn immoral earning.

Please refer to the above media reports and notice that the discrepancies in their facts:

Deccan Herald reported on 28 April 2010, CID team located whereabouts Ranjitha. The Siasat Daily further enhances this by reporting on 29 April 2010, the CID team called Ranjitha and interrogate her at a secret location. This report is contradicted with Deccan Chronicle report 01 May 2010 saying CID team fail to trace Ranjitha since 02 March 2010.

The Siasat Daily reported on 30 April 2010 Ranjitha never gives any interview to any of the media since 02 March 2010, what about a few reports previously reported by the media as Ranjitha statement?


Jagadish Nallappan


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