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Power of NOW! Urgent request to all!


NOW is the only option !!

Please let us all rise higher to realize that there is no such thing as time, no minutes, hours nor seconds in God's watch. There is no weekday nor weekends, nor any holidays, nor any dates in God's calendar. There is no such things as proceedings, legal laws, lawyers, rules nor regulations in God's court.

If this seems too Bhakti oriented, you would come to the very same conclusion if you took the Quantum Physics route as Einstein did. There is neither time nor location, nor distance, etc, etc ! Even Quantum Physics is a sweet ecstatic path of rich devotion cloaked in modern logic for intellectual and eventually intelligent minds !

So Please Everyone - let us not waste ourselves playing with small time logic and questioning the validity of this request and running here and there ! ( Remember even Ganesha won, because he chose to remain stationary and go around Shiva and Parvati three times, while Subramanya chose to ride the peacock and go around the world, when Shiva gave them both a test. This is the significance. Each of our puranaas are dripping with the nectar of absolute Truths.)

Even in this year's Shivaratri message in February, our Master has specifically instructed us to use the power of Now !

Let us all continuously pray and wish and visualize that

1. Master comes out of this as INNOCENT - NOW!
2. Let the most wonderful things happen to our Master NOW !
3. Whatever transformations are required for whoever, disciples, devotees, the masses, the world and all , let it happen NOW so that our Master comes out Now !

Even if this seems to hit your logic.. Just hold on to these three lines and please go beyond your logic and make this wish, please send these three thoughts out to the Existence. It will definitely Manifest Now!

Let us not use our small time logic to question. 'Oh it is weekend, it is holiday it is night, or let us not say, oh the hearing date is set for Wednesday, for next week, let us not say it should go through this process or that !

NO! - God's fantasy, God's logic is beyond everything our small mind can ever come up with.

PLEASE just use the absolute Truth - NOW ! If all of us continuously do it, it is possible NOW for our beloved Master to come out NOW !

Thank You
Nithyananda Devotee


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