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Living Enlightenment with Swamiji!

I am a Reiki and Past life Regression practitoner.I knew nothing about Swamiji before I decided to attend Swamiji's last NSP programme in Hyderabad.I was looking for some intensive meditation program in Hyderabad that I could attend.I searched on the net and happened to read about his program in the dhyanpeetham website.I registered immediately without any second thoughts and my experience was absolutely transformational.

I experienced some of the most wonderful meditation techniques designed beautifully and explained simply and sincerely by Swamiji.Words will fail to express the quality of spiritual experience I had in the NSP.During the Energy Darshan I asked for his help in pursuing the spiritual purpose of my life.He blessed me and that was the time I closely felt his energies;buzzing in my ears,love and peace bursting from my heart!I am unable to recount the experience!

Later I read his book "Living Enlightenment" which is a spiritual masterpiece in the sense it explains,in the simplest of terms,everything you need to know about spirituality.The technology and experience of Nithya Dhyan is unbeatable.You only have to practice it to feel the difference.In my own small network I have been talking about him,his message and his technology.

I am confident of my spiritual journey and am personally unfazed by the developments that have taken place and all that is being spoken about him.Possibly there is a higher spiritual purpose to the suffering that Swamiji and his disciples have had to go through. Perhaps it is part of a bigger cosmic plan which is not fully clear at the moment.I think with time the higher energies will balance out everything and Swamiji's mission will continue worldwide.Swamiji is a Master healer and I would like to take Healer's Initiation from him

Love and sunshine



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