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Don't lose Him once more!!!


Some words that have come to me after seeing the situation unfold and seeing the ways of some of the closest disciples ...

Wake Up!!
O Kindered souls, oh my brothers and sisters!
Though in different bodies, Remember, we are but one soul!

Remember, when we faltered, when we didn’t know the way
When our beings were crying out to be saved, from the many guilt’s
Which tried to destroy our thoughts by multiplying manifold
Remember the game of merry-go-round we played, not knowing
What we seemed to enjoy, was binding us ever more
To the cycle of life and death over and over more

Remember, when we were afraid to take a single step forward
The hand that held us, with all our diseased layers
The hand that accepted us the way we were without any judgement
The hand that held us to heal us of all our malaise

Remember the Being that showed us that darkness can be warm and loving
The being that taught us not to be scared of even Death
As it is nothing but melting into the loving arms of existential mother
The being that revealed the loving, forgiving healing face of mother
Who embraced all our sores of guilt, anger, jealousies and discontent

Who revealed the very mother in whose lap we found solace, peace and love
The one who took over our burdens with words, “I will take care”
Remember the effect of the simple assurance, the lightness of the being
Of having at last found our Guru, our Savior

Today, our Savior needs the support, from the ones that he saved
But we are letting our treacherous minds get the better of us
Why can’t we see the veil of maya clouding our judgement?
Why can’t we see existence testing our faith?
Why cannot we accept all that happens as “causeless auspiciousness”
Stop fighting with the world and our selves

Wake up, Oh kindered souls, Awaken!
Do not crucify the messiah, our savior once again!
Cause once the deed is done, you may not be able to undo
However much remorse the understanding may later bring
You may not be able to undo the cycle of karmas created

The generations which may loose out the light to show the way
Of which we were lucky enough to have had a glimpse
Cause, we were foolish enough to let our minds play the blame game
With the one who has given us all of himself, cause he cares

He has come to break the conditionings of the mind
He has come to remodel our concepts of life
Cause once we accept that everything that happens is existence’s will
And accept the same as such without reserve

Surrender to the will without resistance and jugdement
Only then we shall know the truth untold. open the door to transformation
With the grace of the guru, we shall merge
with the totality and the Beauty of Existence

Why are we letting our ego create the wedge of seperation
Cause at the end of the cosmic day, we are all One
Seeming to be different , with different body, mind organs
Know that once the body mind are cleansed
In the space of Nirvana, we are all one

Can we throw a stone at ourselves thinking it is the other
Know that it is the mind that judges and makes us the other
Think from the heart, feel from the heart, and you shall know the truth
The threads of connections joining us all

Do not break the delicate bonds forged so lovingly by you
Do not miss the grace of the enlightened master
Due to the blockages of ego
and due to the gyrations of the mind

The master is nothing but a Sea of Compassion, if you see
He is benevolent and forgiving and so full of grace
He is here only because of his compassion to bring us to ourselves
He is here to take us back to the source

Enough times we have listened to the mind and suffered jeevan mrityu chakra
Enough times we have missed the great masters like Krishna, Buddha and more
Wake up o Kindered souls!
Don’t loose him once more!!


1 comment:

srimanit said...

I do not want to miss Him,our Swami

for He is My friend.
for He is My Mother.
for He is My Father.
for He is My Master.
for He is Everything in this world to me.

for He is My life.
for He is My soul.

for He is Me.

If I am going to miss Him,I wont be there.

Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha.

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