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Mail to Hon'ble Justice; Plea to release Swamiji soon

Subject : Please release our Swamiji
Hon'ble Mr. Justice
Sir ,
I have benefitted immensely through Nithyananda Swamiji's teachings and meditation techniques.
Thousands around the globe have been healed mentally, physically and emotionally .
I haven't been harmed an iota by him.
We sincerely plead to you to release Swamiji from custody as we believe he is not a criminal.
Please sir , we plead and beg you to relase our Swamiji immeditately.
Thank you
Sincerely yours

shalini , working as software engineer in computer associates hyderabad , 7 yrs of s/w experience
sir , am a post graduate in informationtechnology,, and i here by wanna mail you to say that swamiji does
only good for the public,,, if you juz happen to see shiva sutras you tube videos , you urself will know it ...

kindly consider our request and release swamiji aasap...



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