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Ideas for effective action: Let us stand up for Nithyananda


Is it possible for someone in the Ashram to contact all the alleged people (actress, etc ) in the various videos.
Can they form a group and lead a peacefull rally of devotees in front of the High Court, the Government and the court in Ramanagaram.

Please call and request them.. Tell them about this plan.
If this is organized immediately - Announce it in a BIG WAY on the website the specific date and time. Please get a host of devotees from various places to also protect the rallying group and to maintain our own peace and order.

Please get the lawyers also to get some police protection for the rally because it will be in a peaceful way.

Second Option
Can all the alleged people in the video team up as a single group and make a VIDEO denouncing what is going on , the proceedings ANd put it up on the YOU TUBE ??
Can the group be arranged in a studio kind of setting - with maybe Rajiv Malhotra or like person helping and compering.

And also send the video to the judge and varios departments?
Can you please contact their lawyers and seek this action plan ? Please !

Third Option

Please call various influential devotees in Tamil Nadu, UK, Malaysia, US, Rajiv Malhotra and ask for suggestions of effective action plan.. If they can come down and produce a video each day for us to be put up on You Tube..?
Let us show our strength in peaceful and effective ways ?

The single team of the different ladies in those different videos can blissfull STAND UP and say boldly:

"YES, WE are the ladies in those different videos taken and shown unlawfully all around without our permission! Our Master is Father and Mother to us and He has not harmed us in anyway..no matter how you perceive it and no matter how the media is forcing you to percieve it !"

Thank You !

Thank You


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