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We need His support!

To The Master and for the Master

I dont know how to support Master Sri Paramhamsa Nithyananda. I can only feel good thinking he is beyond all this small situations which we are seeing. HE is lord SHIVA himself. so HE can well take care of himself. Probably we need his support at
this moment.

Namaha Shivay.

Pranab Sarkar


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rukmani said...

This is very nice . Good one . Yes . Every thing of bodily life of a Paramahamsa like Nithyananda has purpose . HE knows it best . The world will be transformed by these situations of a great Paramahamsa. As you say , we need Him and we see more powers now .. than before the scandal .Daily this astonishes me !! Nithyananda wants to save the world now MORE intensely ? Nithyanandam. Sai Durga

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