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More healing miracles in Seattle

Nithyanandam friends,

Yesterday I met my friend Dr Karen Jones MD for lunch.

Karen is a surgeon in women's health care and also has a private practice in energy healing. She is a Lutheran Christian, and studies as well with Sai Ma.

She learned about SwamiJi from me last summer 2009. When he came to Seattle in Nov 2009, Karen came attended the program.

The wife of Karen's church minister was very sick with liver failure. In July 2009 she had been placed into hospice program, which means her doctor gave her less than six months to live. Many treatments had been tried and all had failed. She was extremely swollen with fluids and in constant pain and nausea.

Karen asked SwamiJi during darshan to heal her friend. He agreed and promised it would happen.

A month later, the fluid swelling was noticeably reduced and the minister's wife was well enough that her husband took her to Hawaii for a "last trip".

When they returned, she continued to improve. Now, in May 2010, she is fully back to her regular life and only sees her doctor for occasional monitoring. Her liver tests have normalized.

I didn't know any of this until yesterday. Karen and I had both been traveling since Kalpataru and she never told me about her friend nor about her request.

Karen agreed that I could quote her story and use her name at this website. She looks forward to seeing SwamiJi again when he next tours the US.

in Nithyananda,

Karen Jones MD. CBH
Ma Sarvavidyaa Nithya, RN, MA, FOI, IBCLC


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