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Firstly,I offer immense and heart felt gratitude to Swamiji for the bliss and the life solutions that YOU've given me.Just after YOU enter my life Swamiji,all my problems,sorrows and depressions simply flew away.YOU've bridged spirituality and science which has lead awakening in me.YOU've showed me the truth.I realized the purpose of life only after seeing YOU Swamiji.I had lived,living,and will be living my life with Swamiji's teachings and blessings forever.All those nonsense allegations on YOU could do nothing to my trust and devotion on YOU.It doesn't shake my trust, love and devotion on YOU in anyway also because for me YOU are the only TRUTH in the universe.I learnt the word TRUTH only from YOU.Based on my experience with Swamiji,HE is none other than the existence,cosmic energy or in a simple word HE is the GOD who had incarnated in the human form just for us,the human beings in this world.In this century,if God comes directly of course we can't accept it,so HE takes the human form. All I wanted to tell to those who are being against our SWAMIJI, please dont miss the GOD,who had incarnated for us because of the TRUE love and compassion that HE has on us.Please dont regret in future for missing HIM and also for being against HIM.
Shalini Asogan,


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