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I dont need any proof, nor am I awaiting any proof, only the world needs it, none of the devotees need it! we only need our Master intact!!!!

Please dont miss reading this, it is not a letter with paras, it is the heart that goes out for You
Swamiji i have a doubt, pl allow me to put forth! You have spoken on a 4 minute u tube clipping, that you have taken a open responsibility to re establish or recoup vitarka in every devotee, who fell in this slip of unexpected events! Maybe you were right! I'm afterall a small brain, cant think at the level of Brammaandam! But so deeply i care for my Master that makes me pen this down at Your feet!
Swamiji, for its the responsibility of each individual to maintain his sthira buddhi, after imbibing and internalizing Your preachings! This slip wouldnot have been possible if vitarka was strong in all! Anybody with such vitarka would have known You much better than the media projecting You to Him! Of'course, everybody is Your child and that makes You say that, nobody can stop Your being compassionate, but i couldnot bear You taking responsibility for other's imbalance, at the moment where we should shoulder the responsibility of standing in favor of You! I love You so much! I cant bear to see so much of selflessness and compassion in You for others, I almost visualized Jesus christ, I was not relaxed, developed severe headache after seeing Your 4 min video..
What do think are we for? If we dont stand by You at this moment, when is it we are going to understand You? You have brought up Your children in no normal mundane way!! Your brought up is extraordinery, If i were in Ashram getting insulted and attached by the mob, I wouldn't consider that as any loss! Even if i lost my life in struggle, thats not a loss to me! For afterall I got initiations from You, and the bio-memory is equipped with Your beautiful preachings, that it will have the intelligence to choose to living around the Master in the forth coming jenma's!!
I dont need any proof, nor am I awaiting any proof, only the world needs it, none of the devotees need it! we only need our Master intact!!!! Not today, FOREVER! I watched tv just two mins on tuesday evening and that moment i switched off, ever since then, i dont have anything to do with the media! I wasn't shaken by anything I saw till date! I think I have the initiation of Enlightenment from you, which is working at the depth! I love You and Trust You at the peak!!
I know you would advice live enlightenment and you need all the disciples, Gurus are abundantly available and its only the disciple who hesitates! Anything You say, afterall my logics are too small compared to what Divinity beholds for us!
But please dont stop my natural instinct of worrying for You! Please accept me as Your Devi who would show concern for Her lord Shiva!!!
My gratitude at Your feet!!!
gayathri, chennai, India

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