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Misrepresentation by Media - Nithyananda Scandal

I read the recent mail how things are misrepresented in papers and News . Not only that they had totally changed statements and apparently have published totally wrong atatementsin magazines in India . Also it was said to have published in paper swami told that Ranjitha has served and will serve . Swami only told that she was, is and will be a devotee. Just pointing out to tell how things are twisted.I did not see news . People from India tell this . They dont have access to You Tube. I think its time to take things seriously to put a halt to all these rumours . Its only the divine who can do it in a most appropriate manner . I know that Sangha will grow in spite of these people , but only when serious action taken they will stop misrepresenting things.They have to be taught a lesson unforgettable. In Singapore from childhood small things misrepresented are taken so seriously and actions taken that they do not repeat similar mistakes as adults . Only guarded statements will be made. I pray every day that appropriate steps- like a paper or TV channel be prevented from being published for a few days or broadcast suspended for few days ,,for faulty representations to make it aware to public . Just talking on You Tube is only listened to by a few educated class . It does not reach the mass who keep on spreading false rumours. I believe in Kali yug an error done at any time will have its effects the same shana , hope it happens in this case .



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