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Vedic Tradition made Alive by Swamiji Nithyananda

I went to Bidadi last year,2009,to celebrate Jayanthi.When I entered the ashram,I saw the vedic tradition of our sanatana dharma back.I have only seen and read about the life of our vedic culture,but never had experienced it.I felt bidadi ashram like a different
plane.There you can see brahmacaris,vanaprasta sannyasis,gurukul students and devotees all working for one purpose, jeevan muthi.All the vedic tradition was alive there.What I can say is,I really enjoyed the ambience there and I thank swamiji for bringing back the vedic tradition alive and to reveal the great truths.I don't know how many hardwork he had undergone to bring back this vedic tradition alive,in this modern world.Let us all support and strongly follow all the paths to jeevan muthi,so that our sanatana dharma would be alive.PARAMAHAMSA SRI SRI NITHYANANDA SWAMIKE

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