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Gratitude is the unbreakable chord between me and Swamiji

Dear Swamiji


Thank You Swamiji for coming into my life...just because of you, my life has become a celebration....a blissful celebrations....you are my father...and Nithyananda still remains a very sacred, subtle and sweet breeze inside my heart, inside my being.....you are the ONLY one who came and airlifted me from ALL problems of the world, only you came, your face still remains the most graceful face I have ever seen....you came at a time I felt so deeply lost and truly orphaned on planet earth...you came, became my Father, my Mother, my Beloved, my Master, my everything....only you delivers to me everything I need, my clothes, my prana, food etc...only you have given me an extension to live blissfully on this planet....every moment I feel so strongly, even if I leave the body any moment...I am okay...just because...just beacuse...I have seen you....seeing you is all I have wanted many lives....spending time with your physical form has been a blissful bonus.....

Despite the Lela being played out...my devotion...is much stronger than ever...so strong...that my life is only committed to you and the mission...thank you for allowing me to enjoy your wealth (spiritual)...my life is so fulfilled...nothing can shake me.....Just like a saint Joshua, sang (said) "Me and my family will only serve the Lord even if you are refuse to serve Him"....I feel this day and fully convinced that "All that Iam and ALL given to me in this life is only for serving YOU, Nithyananda without any strings attached"....No other way..

Thank You Swamiji for ALL you have given and ALL you have taken

I would also like to thank Sadaa Shiva, the entire Guru Parampara and all those who have kept the Vedic Tradition alive..

Judy( Ma Nithya Lavanaa)


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