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My experience with Swamiji: Support from West Virginia

Below are a few sentences detailing my experiences with Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda.
Thank you very much for giving us an opportunity to send in our thoughts in support of our beloved Master.
In Love With Nithyananda... :)
To all the people who were involved in creating a big furore around Swami Nithyananda and his organization in the recent days...
- For without you, thousands if not millions of people in India and around the world would not even have known all their lives that there is someone called Swami Nithyananda walking on this planet.
- For without you, even people who never heard about Swami Nithyananda, are eagerly watching TV to see what will happen around Him and His Sangha in the days to come.
- For without you, the deplorable state of some of the media channels running in India would not have come to light.
- For because of you, people like me are happily thinking about Swamiji for hours and hours, day and night, watching His discourses and dancing to His kirtans, something even I believed could never happen this early.
- For because of what you did to Swamiji, the minds of each one of you are filled with Him to the very brim, and knowingly or unknowingly you will be chanting His name backwards and forwards for the rest of your lives and because of which you may even get enlightened before thousands of other serious seekers!
I am twenty-five. And as a spiritual seeker, I am very young. Before Paramahamsa Nithyananda entered my life, I did not even know that something called Enlightenment existed, and that normal human beings like me could achieve such a state. I have known a little about great masters of the past and I was a devout person, but spiritually I was very poor. I did not know that God was alive and kicking inside every one of us and that meditation could help us unleash our true potential. I knew about the people who reportedly achieved the state of Buddhahood, but I never knew what a Buddha could do.
I was very fortunate to have met Swamiji in 2005 and it was very clear to me from the very beginning that Swamiji Himself found me and everyone in my family. And I am sure that many others like me have had very similar experiences. By and by I could understand, that everyone who is part of the Sangha is handpicked by the Master Himself. He awakened in me the passion for spirtual seeking and Enlightenment without which my life would have been quite superficial. It did not take me much longer to be enamored by His compassionate being. And since then, existence began to shower on me from all directions. I was successful in whatever activity I was participating in. I haven't fallen sick even once since I met Him. Life for the first time tasted like nectar. Over that past four years, Swamiji healed my grandparents and they themselves are in disbelief looking at how active they have become. He blessed me with a wonderful job and every material possession I have with me right now is His gift. My mother became a Nithya Spiritual Healer recently and she has had wonderful experiences with Him ever since. When I met Him in 2009, I was real fortunate to have an initiation from Swamiji. He uttered the phrase, "You will live Brahmacharya...", and true to His words, I am living like a God on this planet, being a witness to everything that is happening around me. I became a healer myself and now only I am getting to see what He means when He says, "I am with you..!". I wonder how many have had an experience like this but I feel like He is dancing within me whenever I meditate.
Before Swamiji, the great master Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) gained immense popularity worldwide, particularly among Westerners. After attaining Enlightenment, He spent 35 years in the physical body and during that time, He was stoned, attacked with a knife, poisoned, arrested at gunpoint, incarcerated, deported and was denied entry into more than 20 countries. Some of His ardent followers were investigated by law enforcement officials and some were jailed for the wrong reasons when Osho was in the USA. But now, His ashram in Pune attracts millions of people from all over the world who are interested in the practice of meditation and Enlightenment.
From what I have known about Enlightened Masters, it is next to impossible to predict what happens around an Enlightened being. I have seen Swamiji take personal care and shower his blessings on millions of people, many of whom have shared their beautiful expriences here. To hear that He is not being able to take care of His own physical self is quite farcical. As we all know, realized souls like Swamiji take conscious birth and leave the body with equal beauty. I believe fully that Swamiji is completely aware of all the events that took place in the recent past and He has clearly mentioned that He has been framed. And I believe those words literally. When the truth comes out, it will shed light on the people who masterminded the whole event. It is a pity that some people have used their life in the human body to defame and abuse an Enlightened Being. Even if they escape the Indian Penal Code, the Cosmic Penal Code will ensure that they get the necessary punishment. I think it will take them many more births before they can even think of liberation.
Swamiji is a rare gem. I don't know when again will such a being grace this planet. We are blessed to have Him as our contemporary. It is up to us to take full advantage and raise to His level of consciousness within this lifetime. And from what I have heard from Swamiji in the recent past specially in his talk with Rajiv Malhotra, He is far away from being finished. In fact I know that He is just giving us gifts from the cabin bag for now. The main suitcase is not open as yet!
Swamiji, thank you for everything. I hope to meet you soon, very soon. And I am with You (....but more importantly, You are with me...eternally.. :D ).
And for everyone out there, this is the time to dance like Nithyananda Himself!!! :)
(P.S. Just in case if Swamiji personally goes through all these posts in the future, and calls everyone who stood with Him for a special darshan, I am counting myself in! Yes!! :) )
With Gratitude,
Sri Ananda Karmanya (Satish)


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