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Testimonials from Guna Segaran's Family and Friends

1. Dearest Swamiji
Since the day we met Swamiji, our life have changed for better. We are very happy. We are doing seva as much as we could. We need your blessings always.
Appana & Amutha

2. Dear Swamiji,

You are my guru. From I'm attend ASP Program, I'm improve my ownself.Believe , to glad see again.I miss you forever.
Kamaleswari d/o Selvaraj.

3. Guruvae Saranam
Satguruvae Ungul Podpadam Saranam Saranam
I am very blissful due to swamiji. All my health and family problems dissolved totally. Thank you very much.
Nithyananda Swamiji Jay

4. Dear Beloved Swamiji
YOU are my dearest GURU. Am always thinking of you. Had severe back ache. Swamiji's initiated healer did healing on me yesterday. I am perfectly alright today. Previously had injection for this problem but no effect. Nithyanandam
From Shanda


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