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Swamiji Nithyananda my Bhagavan

pranam bhagwanji,
I am sorry for doubting you first, but please forgive me after all its human brain i know i am ur child and you love me more than i do.You are my god you are pure. Bhagwanji please help me in my mission as i really want my family members to trust you and to follow you.bless me with your energy so that i can come and meet you as i really want to hug you and do the guru pooja infront of you, i went to the ashram to attend BSP on 23rd feb but could not see you there physically but i know your presence was every where , swamiji is nothing but pure truth the video is fake ,it is made to defame our bhagwanji. I have experienced your energy many times your words that `DONT WORRY I AM WITH YOU I`LL TAKE CARE OF YOUR PROBLEM`, are my source of strength whenever I am feeling scared.Swamiji please pray for me and bless with strong vitarka, I had given a letter to dhyaana maharaj during the BSP programme, I am sure he must have given it to you ,please answer my letter and give me darshan,Help me in convincing my family about you I want them to follow you ,please guide what should I do to convice them about you because only you can help them especialy my grandfather who really needs your help heal him please , he doesnt know much about you.swamiji please call me , read my mind and guide me.
my life is your life please plan it in the bestest way you want to.
I miss you and love you
you are my guru
take care bhagwanji
I am trying my best to follow your teachings and live like a jeevan mukta and i am sure the day will come when I will be enlightened dont want to waste this janama without being enlightened.
megha sharma


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