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Media Mania (an excerpt)

Nithyananda could have filed a defamation case against media & magazines. BCOS he is an incarnation of Adishiva himself, he has not bothered to answer all the foolish tom dick & harry. He is meditating silently .He is following Karmanye va dhikarathe ma phaleshu kadachina. After all the defamation from various media, myself being a spiritual Guru to others accept Nithyananda as Parama Guru available to us in this Kaliyuga.He has bcom all the more divine to me like Lord Shiva who consumes the Kalakoota Poison(defamation) to protect the world.This time I would definitely visit his Bidadi Anandeshwari Temple & bow down to him for giving the holy darshan through TV channels & magazines so frequently:)No one can bcom successful in defaming a genuine Guru.Guru brahma, guru vishnu guru sakshaath maheshwara, guru is even above god.So let us all be chanting Om Aim Hreem Kleem Shivaya Nithyanadaya Namaha.

From World Light Circle UK-INDIA

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