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A tribute to Mr. Cosmos

It was July2009, the most blessed time of my life-times. I waited many births to get there and be in HIS presence. Day by day for 21 days he took me and 300 more beings on a journey towards liberation. He rightly said this is the best decision that we have taken in all our life-times. With no qualification or any effort, any hard-work, HIS grace simply was showered upon me and others in a sacred place where Dakshinamurthy sits; which His pure unshaken disciples call " Bidadi- Shiva's home on planet earth" !

I was a logical person all throughout my life,at-least my heavy western education taught me enough to believe so. The day I entered HIS land, immediately I experienced miracles to clearly declare to me WHO HE IS. At the 1000 year old sacred banyan tree, the loving Ashramites suggested to place my AGNA, third eye center on the banyan tree for healing. Immediately, I saw and experienced Paramahamsa Nithyananda in every part, in every cell of this divine tree , which is Shiva himself. This was the one of the very clear "Pramaana - knowledge gained through self-experience, through senses". I was shaken. From then onwards, everywhere, everything I saw, I was only seeing HIM. If I see the sky, I saw His form, if I see a person, I am seeing HIM, if I see the floor, I see HIM...with wide open eyes or even closed. This went for days and days..in the beginning I felt, may be my eye have some problem. Silly intellect has to interfere to create dilemma. Soon, it dawned on me, I was experiencing HIS VISHWA-ROOPA, his divine presence in everything.....

In the coming days, many more personal transformations happened in me that cannot be put in words. I witnessed that miracles are simply a by-product and the real miracle is transforming a human to divine. This our master simply delivered as promised. I imbibed his body language so very deeply that I felt no difference in me & Him. As He himself beautifully narrates from Upanishad, that a bird that eats bitter fruits or sweet fruits when it looks up at the silent, beautiful golden bird sitting in Samadhi, realizes when it gets closer to the golden bird that there is no difference between the both of them, they are the SAME, only a reflection.

Ultimately, when we were fully ripe to hear the truth, when we were ripe to allow the UPANISHAD to happen, with the care and the authority of being the father of the cosmos, Mr. Cosmos, our Master, declared WHO HE IS..."THE SOURCE OF ALL"...very intensely, He gave the experience of the same. I have lived and seen, and experienced whatever I have to see..nothing more is needed to be seen, for I have lived many lives with Master and with HIS ABHAYA and HIS VARADHA blessing, nothing is left to be afraid of, nothing is left to be confused of...as he is already taking us all on a FLIGHT with him this time, whosoever is tuned to Him.

Only for the sake of recording the true divinity of Swamiji, as a guidance to those shaken devotees, I am writing this to tell you all and to resonate along with Agastya Muni, the Sapta Rishis and the 21 crore Siddhas, that stand tall and walk on the path of reality..you are in the presence of GOD...so be intensely aware..and do not listen to any negativity thrown by anyone...give-up this petty weakness and rise. He is doing all this Lila, only to peel away your conditioning...only to awaken you..he has to take the form of SIMBHA in your dream, what you call as this reality.

Swamiji, thank you for inspiring me to be your instrument to share this truth with your blessed devotees.

At the feet of Mr. Cosmos

Ma Nithyananda Sugandhi

Radiating Enlightenment

Hyderabad, India

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