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I am with YOU

Shivaya Namaha Dear Swamiji, I met you only once on Aug 4 2009. Honestly speaking, I am not matured enough to understand YOU (the soul in your body), I can only realize the different. I can't say that I am a die-hard fan or devotee of you. But I have a great respect for you, because you are far ahead of me in the 'journey of soul'. I was NOT disturbed by whatever is happening around you. I am just a spectator in this world. Even-though I was not keen on getting the details on this, Mrs. Avanthika and Mr.PerumalRasu (krishnagiri) gave me clarity on this. [I believe that both of them are great souls but did not expose them to this world] I never met them before and they too don't know about me. All of a sudden, I met both of them with in 3 days and things were clarified. I am wondering, what made me to meet such great souls (that know YOU well) with in short span. Their clarification is good enough for me to understand the situation. Mr Perumalrasu clarified that the trouble will go back in the same way how it came. Clouds will become clear very soon. Love to see you again (insha allah) kannan Avan Oruvane Nammai Meela Vaikkum Vallamai Padaitthavan


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