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Swami is the first master who made me realize what is really rites and rituals. I can clearly recall the moments in my life. At one point, that time I was aged around 15,i was thinking why we should go to temple, why are we reciting mantras, why temples are important, what is the significant of deities and why are they doing prayers to deities and more. I was thinking what actually we should do in front of a deity because as far as i know when people stand in front of a deity they will make a wish or they will offer flowers and fruits. Then after attending ASP, i was introduced to guru pooja, the last part of nithya dhyaan.I learned the guru pooja mantras and its meaning well in ashram. Then i started doing guru pooja with the guru pooja kit. Thats the first time i experienced the real worshipping. I can really see the gratitude that was overflowing from me and the presence of existence. Day by day I can see the transformation that was happening in me. My body language started changing. The way I speak and the tone of my speech changed. The violence in me reduced. I also experienced the significance of mantras. As I recited the mantras, I became energetic and I clearly saw the manipuraka chakra getting cleaned and I was moving towards bliss.I have also seen the daily routine in ashram that starts from paliiyeluthchi(the morning prayers) and ends with palliarrai pooja(night prayers).I was really surprised and fascinated when I saw the prayers that was done to the deities. The sannyasis did the prayes with full devotion and they worshipped the deity as though it was alive. They made sure the milk they offered was not too hot, covered the deities with blanket in the night pooja, did abhishekam with warm water and more. From morning till night the way they woke up the deities, the abishekam that they did, naivedya pooja, guru pooja ,arathi, all this rituals made me feel the divine presence of the deities. Only then all my doubts and confusion was cleared. Then after reading the stories of nayanmars, the experience of worshipping became solid in me. The respect that I had towards rituals increased and my whole point of view towards rituals changed. I also witnessed that I was more interested in learning mantras, worshipping deities, doing pooja. By the grace of swamiji, I got to learn all this from ashram.

Swami has changed the way of my life and have given me so much clarity. What I can say is only after meeting my master I really came to know the beauty of sanathana darma and how it benefits us. Only the I was keen to know about the vedic culture. Until then I was doing all the rituals because everybody was doing. The best thing about swami is he clearly gives scientific explanation before any rituals are done. He says that when a rituals is done with awareness it becomes a meditation.

I hope this experience will be available for everyone. We need you swamiji.

THANK YOU SWAMIJI for giving me this great experience.

In Nithyananda,

Sreelakshmi, Malaysia.

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