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A message of hope and encouragement

Dear fellow devotees, I am writing this just as a word of encouragement in light of recent developments. When people "play" with realized souls, they are playing with fire. When they burn a realized soul's effigy, they are burning fire (is that possible?!). Such people will either be destroyed by the fire or transformed by the fire. The same is going to happen. The glory of swamiji will be revealed in the days , months and years to come. That will be the result of recent developments. When people in Ayodhya could doubt Sita mata even without videos, it is not surprising that today people doubt Swamiji given the existence of morhphed videos. Just like Sita mata proved her greatness and purity and won over the Ayodhya folks with her unconditional love, so would Swamiji. People with money and position think they are all powerful and can defame anybody, even true Swamijis. India is going to witness how *true power* is unconditional love and *true freedom & courage* lies in surrender to God. It is also going to witness how a realized soul is not shaken even by defamatory videos. We are all going to witness how all challenges, even the current one, can be met if we are centred on our inner spirit / soul. It is one thing to bring down a fake Swami (which is a good thing to do) and one thing to play with a true one. This difference needs to be brought to the forefront, and recent developments would (inadvertantly) do the same. We all have a role to play in the current crisis. Let us follow our soul in these times and not be clouded by the mind which can always argue both ways. Mind is not an instrument that has the capacity to conclusively point in one direction or the other. On the other hand, we have all experienced due to the grace of God something in us that even the mind cannot grasp. This is soul / atma/ consciousness / holy spirit. Let us follow what it tells us. God is great and the best will happen,

A fellow devotee

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