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How to live Swamiji's teachings in these times?


We are heart broken to know that our beloved SWAMIJI has decided to live a life of Spiritual seclusion, for some indefinite time.

We were planning to have our first Darshan in Bangalore, this year.

I live in Canada. In your message How to live Swamiji’s teachings in these times? You have mentioned the following.:

7pm to 7:20pm is the time Swamiji has given us to directly connect to Him from anywhere around the world.

We are Twelve and half hours behind Indian standard time. So, kindly let me know the correct time when we should do meditation?

Thank you,



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Sri Ananda Atma Niranjan(Aravind) said...

Dear Ma Radha,
Energy is beyond space and time....it is 7-7.20 p.m. local time, no matter in which part of the world( or cosmos!)or time zone you live, this holds true!!! NITHYANANDAM.....

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