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Swamiji please don't leave us

Dearest Swamiji,
`I prostrate before you. I am extremely fortunate to have met you, felt your magnanimous presence, your unlimited compassion and your divine grace.

Your smile is mesmerizing and the humour and short stories makes even the most compilcated of subjects so simple to grasp and comprehend and makes the truth and sprituality a joy to be explored. I had the best four days of my life where I was in overflowing joy and felt your divine grace during my NSP in Salem. I am extremely fortunate to have been initiated by you with the blessing of NIthya Spiritual healing.

I learnt the significance and importance of you in my life and my spiritual journey in the BSP and with each program my reverance, devotion and faith in you has increased by leaps and bounds. YOU ARE and WILL ALWAYS BE MY GURU AND WILL BE TH GUIDING FORCE EVERY MOMENT OF MY LIFE.

While you are always in my heart and I feel your presence every single moment, I am deeply saddened to see your video today on You Tube and learn that you will be away for sometime in spiritual seclusion. Pray and beg that you do not leave us. We all need you more than ever before and more than what we express or realize.

your devotee - Ajeya Narayan

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