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Please save these letters...


Please do not discard the letters written to you in support of our beloved Master...maybe you could publish a book (if Swamiji allows)...I have heard people thank the Master, describe what Swamiji has done in their lives...but never in this way....It is so beautiful and so intimate....These letters have been my discourses lately, because they describe my love affair with Divine....so beautiful, so blissful....surely this media lela has brought so much beauty (nectar) from the devotees of Swamiji, that otherwise would have never come out...I knew Devotees,( we) love our Swamiji...but I had not realized the depth...the love is so deep, it has gone beyond a point of no return....

The letters say without a doubt that we have not only imbibed Swamiji's teachings, but we are also living it.

Thank You for making this blog available to us....it is the best...

Ma Nithya Lavanaa


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