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Swami ji, I couldn't believe my eyes nor my ears when I saw the video today of you stepping down and going into secluded sanyas.

This world needs you badly, please don't go. We don't care about these fake videos, nor do we care about what the media has to say. Without you this mission will stop, and lives will not be enlightened. How can we make you come back? You are leaving millions of your disciples, it doesn't matter the other million don't care about you...Swami Ji we care a lot about you, the non believers can go elsewhere but the believers will always support you no matter what. We don't mind starting from scratch. We just need you and please don't step down. If you do step down, the mission will never be the same. The connection we made, the love we have for you will never ever die Swami ji. No matter where you are what you do , I will always think about you. Please Please Please Please come back, don't step down. WE NEED YOU ! We will MISS you, don't leave us.

JAI SHREE NITHYANANDA ( Our Beloved Master, and our Krishna)

Harsha Mahesh KartiK Namrata, Ohio Devotees


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ALKA said...

I am with you whatever is happening it is very painful.we need Swami ji very much.Only he can bring spirituality in people life in a very easy way.I trust him. He is VIVEkananda .Please SWAMIJI don't LEAVE us.YOU CAN BRING PEACE ENLIGHTENMENT IN PEOPLE'S LIFE.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ............... DON'T LEAVE US .WE NEED YOU VERY MUCH. ALKA

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