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Nithyananda Swamiji please don't leave us

nithyanandam swamiji!!!

we are induja and sinduja from chennai...we saw your recent statement video..we were shocked to hear that u are resigning from Dhyanapeetam...we love u so much and we need you swamiji...we still believe in you swamiji..we have experienced so much in ur teaching...we accept u as u are as u accepted as we are....we know that whatever u do, you will do with a reason..we came to you just two years back and it was like a minute and its all ended up..this two years we were so happy and blissful that we will never forget u swamiji..my sweet swamiji..please dont leave us swamiji....we need u...come back swamiji..we will always think while studying that "swamiji is only studying and he is only going to write the exams"...and we got very good marks also in 10th board exams with ur blessings only swamiji...why don't you use Ur power to come back swamiji...we need you..we are typing this message with tears in our eyes...will u come back again atleast after a year swamiji???pls reply swamiji..please...will we be able to see you again??we want to talk with you swamiji..without you we cannot live swamiji...will u come to ashram sometime??...where are you going swamiji??we are the one who did 33 greeting cards for ur jayanthi this time...we did with love and happiness..we were so happy while doing things for you swamiji... don't forget us swamiji...whoever sees this message other than swamiji please send this to swamiji's personal ID(if possible)....PLEASE REPLY..PLEASE...if we have said anything wrong please forgive us.


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