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Paramahamsa Nithyananda and the Mob Hysteria

From the way the whole campaign of denigrating the Swamiji proceeded so far, it appears that the so-called scandal was hatched and aired for making money on the one hand and to vilify Hindutva on the other. To add to the " masala", some persons write articles and letters in the media ridiculing or disparaging the ancient (traditional) spiritual and religious practices. They will be well-advised if they keep their valuable counsel to themselves instead of wondering how people could be so gullible as to believe in god men. In the recent past we have been hearing about religious conversions and the terrorists from across the borders announcing jihaad against India. Throughout history, Hinduism has been the target of those not too well disposed towards Hinduism and its traditions, - religious bigots, rationalists, atheists and other sophisticated non-believers. Yet, it could withstand the onslaught because of its intrinsic worth and profound values. Now, these people have a new weapon in the form of mighty media which not only attacks the physical senses but also makes an insidious attack on our value system.

When some persons wondered why swamiji did not come to Bidadi ashram on or after 18th, as announced earlier, is it not pertinent to ask whether anyone could ensure his safety and security? It is uncharitable to quip that swamiji has "vanished" because in the Sunday New Indian Express (28 Mar 2010) two or three reporters had stated that they had met Swamiji.

My teacher who taught me maths in the school was later reported to have eloped with one of his students, and yet my admiration for his wonderful teaching methods and his love for teaching remains intact till this day. I firmly believe it should be the case with all teachers and masters.We should take from the Master's teachings what is profound and relevant to us and set aside his personal life and beliefs.

Some men and Women who were earlier dying for his ' hug', those who were waiting for hours for his 'darshan', those who were hanging on to his lips for the next word of vedic wisdom and those who were vying with each other to get into his good books by hook or crook, and those who steadfastly 'remained' in the ashram on their own free will, have now throwing brickbats, making all kinds of allegations. If at all, they found something wrong in the ashram why did they remain silent spectators all this time? Why did not they return home in good time? I am afraid that it is touching the realms of mob hysteria.



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