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Support from Varanasi devotees

We the devotees of swamiji from Varanasi render our full support to our master.

I am S P Mishra a Rtd. Principal from a public school met swamiji in 2004, with his blessings I got cured from blood pressure .After attending his programs I got tremendous clarity about life problems and its solutions .His guaranteed solution book that is in Hindi as‘Nischit Samadhan’i have distributed to many over here which people after reading finding it the most useful book in their life. His program on quantum memory is the best for the children which many children and parents liked here in the city. I suggest his teachings to be made in book form and should be taught to students in the school. His teaching is meant for everybody be it child or adult or old man. About the recent media which is giving wrong picture of Swamiji I want to declare that let they do what ever they can I promise to work with more zeal and going to devote my maximum time to spread his teachings. Thank you.

S P Mishra

I am Avdesh mishra an employee of Hindu University; want to tell that I don’t believe these media blasters. In fact I preferred to do some work instead of watching news channel. After doing swamiji’s program I found myself peaceful and I am happy .I never had any Guru in my life and I admired him as my Guru. I suggest all my friends not to bother about these thinks and I am sure thinks will change soon like one more dream.


Nithyanandam to all

I am Rajeev a math teacher from a public school. I am surprised to see a few media persons and antisocial elements could do so much. But what about us. We are in lakhs. I want to give my full support for our Swmiji .


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