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Dont Stop at any cost!

I attended Kalpataru with Swamiji 4 months back in the US and since that day I am a different person, I have experienced so many positive changes just like many others. The defamatory videos are unfortunate however do not bother me one bit as I dont need anyone telling me or proving to me anything regarding the incident as I cannot deny my experience and what I felt after I met Swamiji. The media and general public are ignorant and probably need proof after proof. I wish that the one billion+ people in India had all met swamiji which would make them realize the truth.
My support and deepest gratitude to the Life Bliss Foundation for doing such wonderful work and their constant effort for all the initiatives they have undertaken. Dont Stop at any cost! The youtube videos are so valuabe and the only words I have for Swamiji are THANK YOU! for happening in my life.
Ravi K

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