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His teachings are unique

First, I very casually watched a video of Paramahamsa Nityananda on Youtube . The video was titled 'key to enlightenment' I was impressed so much that I immediately started watching some more videos on youtube. I still watch at least one everyday . Impressed with his teachings, I attended a program "NSP" at hyderabad . My faith in swamy has strenghtened. I understood his depth of knowledge in spirituality. His teachings are unique , with a modern approach yet preserve the values of sanatana dharma.I dont believe what our media has been telling the nation against him.Satyameva Jayate truth always triumphs. One day truth will come out but our media will never bother to bring it to the notice of the public. I advise the media people to at least listen to one pravachan on youtube or at least read a book written by swamiji, you may have a rethinking on the whole episode.

Shawji Pulipaka

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