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Paramahamsa Nithyananda: The greatest Master

Swamiji you are the greatest master that I have never seen in my life.This is the first time I am feeling that an avatar that is born in this world simply shacking the entire community.I have never heard people telling us the truth that we are god.You just give any truth that you have experienced straightaway.How can one describe you.By your compassionate,You have come down to this planet earth,to save all of us from this world of maya.Some people understand the truth that you are none other than the god itself.They pray to you and they follow the teachings of you.But,some people fail to see you as a god.They are misssing a lot in their life.Reading your life history and pondering about it,I can say that it looks like it has happened 5000years ago.But thats the truth.Shivan itself have descended on this earth to save and to make us realise what is our true nature,Even if god comes and tell us that we are god and tries to elevate us into higher consciousness,What we do?We just ignore it and keep on going with our life routine.How Long does it going to be like this?Arise,Awake to your call of being.Use the opportunity when Paramahamsa is here itself. Dont regret later.

Radiating Enligtenment,

Narenthiran kalaichelvan


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