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The Almighty Nithyananda

When you are in need you praice swamiji in all ways
When situation changes you disgrace him,you talk what you want
But,have you had time,to sit and think for one minute before doing anything serious
Our mind is set in such a way,when it goes the second stage,no one can do anything
thats why swamiji have given every devotee and everyone in the world to unclutch everything before anything goes serious
Its not a right way to damage his thiruvannamalai ashram where spiritual service is being done
Is this a way our Hindu society act
Is this what our Hindu society has taught us
Are the indians aware of what they are doing
bringing their own country down
When you are baby your parents take of you
When you are in sorrow your parents take of you
When you come to age,your parents leave you
After that who take care of you
The almighty Nithyananda whom you see now,the youngest living guru in the world
Have you ever realised after your death,who is going to look after you,your soul will be wondering all over
except you get almigty nithyananda to take care of you
Today,I stand by all my almighty Nithyananda
I am willing to give him support and everything which he wants
Whenever I do his meditation,i can feel his energy working through me
He is always beside me Whenever I am in trouble,Speaking the way of wisdom and power
No one in the world will be like him
Swamiji,I love you,We are all under your feet,no matter what happen
People will, realise who you are swami
with love,
Selvaraja Muniratnam,


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