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My experience with Swamiji Nithyananda

Nithyanandam Parama Sukhadam kevalam gnana murtim
Dvandvateetham Gagana sadrisham tatwa masya di lakshyam
Ekam nithyam vimala machalam sarva de sakshi bootham
Bhava teetham triguna rahitam sat gurum tam namami

I am Valsan Vadakkath Madhavan, a software professional working at Bangalore. I have attended various programs with spiritual gurus and Nithyananda program really helped me to be a grow both materialistically and spirituality. I am living Jeevan Mukti for sure and enjoying every moment of my precious life. My focus has improved to such an extent that I drive down 500 kms at a stretch without winking an eyelid and still feeling fresh as ever.

Due to the changes within me I see the same happening around me as well. The energy within myself is helping others as well within my family, friends and colleagues at work as well. I am grateful to the divine to have shown the path to Nithyananda


- Valsan Vadakkath


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