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Nithyanandam Always...

Swamiji, we pay our gratitude at your feet…..

Remember all those beautiful times,

when the Master nurtured us with love & care...

The way he protected us from all evils,

kept us away from sufferings..

Each time we were stuck on the path of life,

He was there to guide us.

When we were in depression,

He welcomed us into the silence of his being...

He has made us realise,

what life is...

Each time in his presence,

He has shaped and transformed us...

He has cared & nurtured us

just like a mother does...

Today when our Master is undergoing tough times, let us all be united and pray to that higher consciousness for his well being.

He will soon be out of all this and dance in 'Ananda Samadhi'

Swamiji, we pay our gratitude to you, for all that you have given us and we are by your side.

Thank you Swamiji.

In Nithyananda

Lakshmi N


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