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My Life after I met Swamiji Nithyananda

NITHYANANDAM. First of all, i would like to thank the person who created this blog. It's because this blog give the devotees of our Swami Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda a golden oppurtunity to share their experiences and transformation that happened in each of everybody's life after the presence of swami. Here, i would like to share my experience and how i had transformed to a better person now compared to my old days.

Before I attend swamiji's first level meditation programme which is well-known as Ananda Spurana Programme (ASP), i had been a shy person. I would not talk with people and the first thought which will across my mind when I approach to a person is " Why should I talk to him/her?". I had a big communication problem with others. Even when the dancing session was going on I went and hide in the toilet. I was very shy. Besides that, I had a problem with making decisions. Any decision that I make will go wrong or nuisance. So, I will be depress by that and would not talk with my family members. I am tabla player. When I play tabla I surely must give the ' kumkara' with my left hand. I had a difficult time with that. My left hand can withstand even for a song with a beautiful 'kumkara'.

But after the ASP I transformed into a new leaf. Then, I went stage by stage NSP with swami himself, BSP and Kalpataru. All this programmes made me a strong and clear person. Here I would like to thank my parents too because of their encouragement and support by taking me to all this powerful and unique programmes invented by Swami. I have no communication problem now. All the decisions I make is now are perfect and I would ask for Niranthara Amma and Maharaj's suggestion or idea to make a decision. I like to do 'seva' in the ashram. In my tabla issue, me and my brother will sing for all the occasions and activities which held by the ashram. ie, Navarathri, Sivarathri and more. My left hand is now getting better. Same goes to my voice too. During Kalpataru I was waiting for my PMR result. I asked swami that I would like to study well and get higher grades. As he said ' I will take care', he did it. I got straight A's in my PMR. Now I'm studying hard to get straight A's in my SPM. I know that Swami will be always with me. No deny on that.

Dear people we are lucky to get a living master in our life to guide us. As Paramahamsa Nithyananda present in my life I'm very lucky to get HIM as a master. Swami is great. No words can be described if we want to describe about HIM and his POWER. Only the people who experiences it will know HIS GREATNESS. DON'T EVER MISS HIM. HE IS THE ULTIMATE GURU. Thank you.


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