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My pranaams Swamiji

I prostrate before you humbly, Swamiji, for coming into my life, and in the lives of millions of people. Also
* for coming down to earth to rescue so many of us,
* for doing so much tapas in order to reach enlightenment - all for our sake, yet never once complaining
* for your very powerful, transformative darshans
* for your love, compassion and understanding
* for healing all your devotees of physical ailments and mental problems
* for removing our past karmas, habit patterns and suppressed memories from many lifetimes
* for your teachings which go directly to the core to make positive, permanent changes in us.
Even though physically you may not be with us for a while, the cosmic energy "Nithyananda" and your teachings will continue to guide and help us for as long as we like. However, I have gained SO MUCH from you, that I am praying for your return, whenever the time is right, so that you will continue your mission for the REST of humanity - we all need you, Swamiji, please DO come back.
Ma Nithya Suganthi

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