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I am going to vote for HIM to come back!

So the Parmahamsa has taken His decision! The innocent, guileless bird is going to fly away from all of us.
Few people intended hurting the Master, but consequently hurt yourself oneself. Master cant be hurt, because His only purpose is to raise collective CONSCIOUSNESS! All of us are hurt. We all lost His treasure of teachings !! temporarily or otherwise, yet lost. He is a PARAMAHAMSA, A FLYING BIRD!
What a pity, we cant even understand what is truth, what is honesty, what is fake, what is unlawful,
All who read this, please name one situation, till the time He served the people, have you felt cheated or betrayed or found any aspect of Him wierd, strange, to be letting anybody down???
Why then, today, people have turned hostile, why just bec some baseless reports rose to exposure, people have cooked up their individual prejudices and crap and have cleverly overlooked the tremendous transformations occurring in their lives in the past few years!!!!!!
I'm going to vote for Him to come back, dont know how, but He will come back for sincere seekers!!


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