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Swamiji Thank You and Spiritual Name please

Message : Nithyanandam swamji, Thank you so much for everything in my life. Swamji many transformation happen in this 1 and half year knowing YOU, i feel purely gratitude and grateful to YOU swamji even now. Thank you so much and i am very sorry if i always bother u swamji even for my meditation. I am grateful to You Swamiji, thank you so much to be always there with me, i wish to change my name if swamji can help to give me a spiritual name please..Another thing swamji i am very surprised about my own very self because when i heard the news i just laughed and couldn't be bothered and there was no judgement inside me and i just feel its another divine play and maya. Its a different feeling because i was not like that. The best of this is that the passing judgement around that used to be my attitude after this incident reduced and vanished. Thank you for this miracle too swamji. Thank you lot. My small request if it doesn't trouble your routine swamiji please swamiji a spiritual name for me. Thank you so much swamiji

Suresh s/o Thanakodi


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