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Gratitude to Swamiji

With so many of us sharing our experiences in such beautiful words - I on the other hand am unable to put it words what I feel or felt after I did various programs under the Ashram. Good and happy yes, and even more. But what more and how I cannot put a finger on. I do feel connected to Swamiji all the time, and he doesn't seem any different from my own self - by this I mean, I feel there is no 'Him' or 'me', its the same. That's all.
Therefore, with that in mind, I, am not perfect for sure, and that doesn't mean I start hating myself for that. It's just my own misdeeds that my 'reflection' there has to face the consequenses of. I humbly seek forgiveness from my Guru/self/teacher/friend for this.
Vishwa Vijay Singh


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