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Please don't leave us Swamiji

Appa,please dont leave us,plsss......!!!You are our source of inspiration..You are our breath!
You are our very own life..There was not even one day have I gone without thinking of You,appa..
Everything in the name of Nithyananda..eveything appa..From the time I rise from my bed and till the dawn..All I think about is You..Appa,please pa..Do not do this to Us..The world needs You,pa...plssssss...With the upgrowing of negativity,we cant manage it alone..!We need You..We need a Living Enlightened Master..The world needs You..Please do forgive those ignorence..Please do not punish us as such pa..please pa!The sangha will not be the same without appa..I know whatever decision You have taken is right pa..But pa..please dont leave us!We love YOU!



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