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Nithyananda Swami: Please come back soon!

Dear Swami,

I am D.Senthil Kumar from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I am totally shocked to see your statement mentioning your decision of living a life of Spiritual seclusion, for some indefinite time. Also you have resigned from the head of the Dhyanapeetam and from all the trusts associated with it. Its very shocking to see this Swami.

As soon as I saw this video, I couldnt stop my tears. I felt totally upset. I know that whatever you decide will be right Swami. But this decision is hard to digest. I have been in your presence for more than 10 times Swami. Your NSP (Nithyananda Spurana Program) & Kalapataru Darshans have changed my entire life. That too that one NSP (Avadi, Chennai, in 2008) where I spent four full days with you, changed my total life pattern. That four days were the best in my life Swami. My marriage is fixed in June this year and I was thinking of coming to your Bangalore Dhyanapeetam and get your blessings directly. No problem Swami, always your blessings will be there for all your Devotees.

Swami, I am really eager to see you. Not only me, all your Devotees are eager to see you back Swami. Please come back soon Swami. I wish that the indefinite time which you mentioned should be a short period only Swami. The world needs you badly Swami. You have transformed the lives of Lakhs and Lakhs of people across the world. We all know that whatever Swami does, there will some valid reason behind it. This is a very tough time Swami. Its also very difficult to answer the people around us.

My relatives, my friends are all asking questions and are forcing me to stop following you. I am not loosing my patience, I answer them by just a Smile, it conveys lots of meanings. That smile means, you all will know the truth and the value of Swami Nithyananda one day.
Luckily my parents trust me, they know that I will not be wrong. They allow me to listen to your songs, read your books, do meditations, watch your videos and worship you through your Photo. My Fiancee is also your very sincere Devotee. She has seen you once in Kalpataru Darshan & her life took a big twist from there on. She is also eager to see you back Swami.

Please come back soon Swami. We all Devotees are waiting for that day Swami. We all love you a lot Swami.


Let us all Radiate Enlightenment.

Let us all Radiate The Eternal Bliss.



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