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Please come back Swamiji

We had the best time of our lives with u. We saw u 1st time only during the last kalpataru in Mumbai (12 sept), but feel as if it has been a long period with u. Such good times with u, Salen NSP, Jayanti, Shivaratri.....
The most memorable was the Kalpataru on 26th jan, 10. We had the best time with u in the organisors meet, got the rare opportunity to do padya pooja also. U also stayed at my grandma's place :) The unforgetable day of my life is this Kalpataru.....
Really shocked by seeing the last video. Swamiji please do come back soon. we need you swamiji. It was the non-seeking people who conspired things against u. But please dont punish us for that. We trust u & need u.....please dont leave us and go swamiji....
Wish to see u soooooon. Please come back :( We miss u a lot.....
Love u Swamiji <3

In Nithyananda,
Lakshmi N


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