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My Inner Awakening Experience with Swamiji

Dear Swamiji,

My honor and respect to you. I attended and completed the Inner Awakening Course in December, 2009. I returned back to my home in Greenwich, CT to my family with a strengthened inner core.

I was saddened to hear and read the news reports. I have meditated and researched by reading as many news reports as possible, I have watched you and the organization's press conferences, and your interviews with Rajiv Maholtra, I have spoken with many of my fellow Inner Awakening participants and members of the Bidadi ashram.

The "click" for me came when I realized if I came to you during darshan with a request to help me get through a scandal -- where my name and my life were under extreme media pressure,
you would smile at me, and say something like, "I'll be with you, enjoy." And you would do that for me, as you would for any of us. I can certainly lend my support with an open heart, as you would do with no hesitation.

My experience with you and the 300-400 others attending Inner Awakening during darshan and dharma will never leave me.

You appeared to me in a vision today. I will continue to be ready to hear what you have to say. I am devoted to your teachings and will remain faithful.

My humblest best wishes to you with deep gratitude.

Donna Drumm, Esq.
Greenwich, CT


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