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My Dearest Swamiji,

I used to sit in front of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s photo and ask him for a guru who is in body to guide me in the path of spiritual. One day Googling about enlightened masters & I discovered your picture, started reading about you and watching your discourses and I decided you are my Guru whether you accept me as your student or not. I told my brothers and sister about your discourses and luckily they had the fortune to meet you. Unfortunately I am unlucky one didn’t get a chance to touch your feet, I am writing this message with tears filled eyes kindly give me your darshan Swamiji. After watching your discourses for two years I never cried what ever has happened but when saw your video on 29th March 10, I cried bitterly for not seeing you & meeting you. I don't know I will see your or not. But at the same time I know whatever decision you made is with consciousness. People on this earth always prayed guru’s in the form of photo’s only but not when they are alive and didn’t know the value of an enlightened one. So what ever you do is auspicious & please forgive this ignored once on this earth.

Please please give me your darshan once & Swamiji kindly let me know where can I see you. I don’t know whether you read this email or not. My humble request to the one who is in touch with swamiji kindly forward this message to swamiji

Kindest Regards



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