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I respect you even more now Swamiji

I just viewed three u tubes in which swamiji shoots out the string of doubts and questions...

I absolutely agree with Swamiji, about people's taste for masala and spice added to an info... Though the people acted vindictively, SWAMIJI LIVES AND PROJECTS THE TYPICAL ASPECTS OF ENLIGHTENMENT . We can see the LIVE example of Kalabhairava today. He carries Himself with such ease!

I adore Him more! I respect Him more! I learn more from Him as to how to take praises and scorns in even plane!

All these incidents have only added in me more reverence for Him!! This in fact for many.

So it must been ironical and an anticlimax for the negative elements, for it has succumbed in sincere seekers throughout the world!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVER SWAMIJI!!!

Whatever You are, whatever You do, they are the IMPRINTS OF GOD DIRECT!!!!



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Theresa Sophia said...

this is exactly what i feel. thank you for expressing this so beautifully.

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