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Nityananda: True Example of Compassion and Hospitality

There was an article in the Sunday New Indian Express of Mar 28, 2010, by Sri N Narasimhan.A good three months before the present trial by media started, a senior monk of Ramakrishna Mission (place not mentioned) when asked by the writer, if he had heard of swami Nithyananda, the monk said that he visited the Bidadi ashram when Swamiji was not there. But like a typical hedinist, he said," but the hospitality was good", and he ( monk ) chuckled. Do we chuckle or snigger at someone's hospitality To add insult to the injury, he further commented in 'anguish', "How they exploit gullible people".

In contrast, here is a typical example of Swamji's compassionate concern and attitude towards fellow monks. We hear this from an eye witness. During his Himalaya yaatra along with a large group of devotees, Swamiji met three monks of Ramkrishna Mision returning from the higher altitudes. He personally invited the three monks to partake of his hospitality, and also arranged a good sum of money to be given to each one of them. But he did not "chuckle" nor was this act of munificence, known to many in the group. Do we chuckle or snigger at someone's hospitality ? Having lived with the monks in RK Mission, may be he knows how some of them live.

It has become the hallmark of sophistication to declare that one is an atheist or an agnostic and does not frequent temples ( note the word ' frequent ' ). While it may be accepted as a feature of a rationalist, it need not be considered a virtue in a Hindu In any case one need not lose sleep over such pronouncements because they are in the microscopic minority.

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