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Fortunate are those awakened by the Master's words

Unclutching was an unaware concept and un-understood concept for a few, prior to this incident, but unclutching has become a natural phenomenon and inevitable blessing for majority of the population today, because of this incident.

Aware or unawares, the masses must have been caught by the web of rumors and slanderous reports and so on...

So charmingly by the grace of Existence,

people must have been unconsciously or consciously UNCLUTCHED

from their headaches, their worries, their various circumstances

that led them to ruin their present moment.....

that prevailed before the incident.

But today, the subject around the world, IS this turn of incidents

which predominantly occupy every brain,

every nuke and corner of the world!!

So Master here, we are indebted to accept, is a


And now the rest goes without saying,

Watch the current 6 videos in which

Master offers His compassionate grip to lift us from the slip

and also moulds into a step for us climb it and

to raise up to Nirvikalpa Samadhi and go beyond Him!

In a nutshell, The whole world is given NITHYANANDAM at the cost of the

Master's deep COMPASSION and not a currency involved!!

Fortunate are the ones who is awakened by the Master's words!!

[I felt an inner compulsion to thanks to all supporters for giving loads and loads of tears to go through every single article posted in this site! Tears were causeless! Just in admiration of the Paramahamsa through your experiences of Him!!]


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