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Experiences and views of Muslim Disciples

I am from a MUSLIM FAMILY. I was searching for truth which i wasn't able to find in the teachings given to me. My search ended when I came to know about Swamiji. I saw his article in a newspaper with his photograph, so compassionate, so radiant. I watched his videos on youtube and was stunned. He addressed all the questions i had with so much clarity and patience. It felt like he is talking to me and answering my questions. Just by his videos transformation started happening.

We used to meditate before but the results were not satisfactory. But after meeting Swamiji the process has been accelerated. Its like we are putting our 10% effort and Swamiji is adding the remaining 90%. We have EXPERIENCED BLISS with in few days of starting Nithya dhyan. Something which we never expected to achieve so early. My friend was in bliss for 3 days. We could literally feel Swamiji's presence. When ever we have some problem we just pray to Swamij'i and the solution happens.

The first time i met Swamiji was when he came to my city for Kalpataru Program. I attended the program with my other muslim friend. Initially i was hesitant to attend as i am from another religion but Swamiji and his volunteers accepted us with open arms. I realized those volunteers are living the truth " Spirituality is beyond the limitations of religion ". I felt liberated as all the barriers of religion and gender dropped in his presence. I experienced what is meant by Universal Brotherhood.

He gave us the initiation and Jeevan Mukti Deeksha at the end of the program. I read in a book that Naga Sadhus have to live in Himalayas for 12 years just to get the initiation from there Guru and Swamiji initiated us on the first day. I can't find any Guru treating his devotees with so much compassion and motherly love.

I also attended the NSP with my Muslim friends. All of them have been greatly benefited. All of us had great experiences. Again Swamiji gave us two strong Shaktipaths. I broke into tears like i have never cried before. Those were the tears of gratitute. I have heard a master saying “You’ve missed the whole point of your life if you have never shed a tear of joy”. After NSP there is so much clarity Every day we are transforming into a new person.

We have experienced so many miracles that we have literally lost the count.

To All the people against Paramahamsa Nithyananda

1) Don't jump to conclusion.

2) Watch his videos and check for yourself whether his teachings can evolve the mankind or not.

3) Don't trust what media portraits. Media didn't show how he has healed tens of thousands of people from chronic and fatal diseases. They didn't show that his ashrams were providing food for thousands of people daily. They didn't show all the social services carried out by his organization. They didn't care to check the evidences for the allegations made. All they care about is there TRP's.

4) We have experienced our Lust disappearing in his presence. How can he be lustful?

5) When people coming from Muslim families are supporting Paramhamsa Nithyananda then isn't it worth analyzing the above points.

To All the people supporting Paramahama Nithyananda.

1) What ever Swamiji does is auspicious. Swamiji will come out of it soon.

2) Because of this issue millions of people got the opportunity to know about him and his teachings.

3) Thousands of people who didn't know about swamiji are watching his videos daily and even they are supporting him now.

4) Believe me with all our efforts we could not have done this amount of publicity.

5) Only the true seekers will remain. It will save a lot Swamijis time and he can spend it on true seekers.

6) As Swamiji said in the latest video that a new group will emerge which will be strong and sincerely interested in enlightenment. Let us be a part of this new group and collectively strive for the Ultimate Consciousness, the Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda.

Thank you Swamiji for everything you gave us.

Please Swamiji don't leave us. We beg you please don't leave us.


"M.M", "M.H", "M.R" (we don't want to reveal our full names as our families and friends are not aware of our spiritual activities)

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rukmani said...

Wow ! Even simply reading yours , brought the divinity in your heart and soul . Yes i confess ,
I did shed that drop of tear even reading your means .. Where is the end to the powers of this greatest Treasure of Jevan Muktha secret called Swami Nityananda ?

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