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Nithyanandam from Malaysia


Udaseen (Ignore) all the negative weaving of the mind…

How long it can lasts… It is an event which will fade by itself… Just Accept it and Move on…

Even the big giants have bitten the dust…

Nothing WHATSOEVER is permanent here… Don’t you see?

Ellam Koothada (All is Drama)…

But there is something in US which is permanent…Catch hold of it…Wake UP..

Now I understand a dimension in me which has a strong Vitharka with Swamiji and his teachings. I am seeing this as an experience. I am sincerely grateful to Swamiji for this which I wouldn’t even dream of it otherwise!!!

Truly in Nithyananda,


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Sabari said...

Nithyanandam ,
am suffering back pain problem past 10 years am entered Dhyanapeetam after one month (Sep 2007) i got one chance with swamiji blessing in that time am asked swamiji i have back pain problem what can i do
swami said, u don't do any thing, i will take care everything , after that swamiji lightly touch my back bone, in that sec onwards i don't have this problem,
after that am trying new job one famous company am cleared my interview all those things but, am not get job nearly 6months, after that i met swamiji
in that 1'st Kalpatharu class simply i asked swamiji blessing, but he said all yours job problem get solved with in one week, but i got call from my HR Within 4 Days
after i joined my job in Bangalore,
one day i planed to go ashram in that day is maha shivarathiri (Feb'2009), asked my boss permission to go that day early to Ashram, he is also gave permission to go ashram, try to relive office suddenly
my boss got a call from our C.E.O, he need some data its very urgent, immediately my boss came and cancel my permission, in that day i left in my office at 11.30pm
on the way am crying and i surrender my self to swamiji am driving my bike, suddenly i got one thunder with flash, in that second in seen one visual my swamiji,
after that i go my home i sleep well. next day morning my uncle said in that today's news paper swamiji photo's are there go and see, immediately i kept and saw that news paper, what ever i saw in yesterday that same visual
came news paper,
after that am went swamiji NSP 25thFeb'2009 there also i got some difference experience
and then am attended this year maha shivarathiri (Feb'2010) maha gundalani yoga that experience i never forget my life time
and one more thing i want ask swamiji past 10 days daily night after my sleep am getting some difference experience, what happening i don't know, something am getting some difference experience.
why i am saying this and all means
I trust my deep experiences that are so clear to say me that Swamiji stands for truth.

-In Nithyanandam

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