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Salute to a great Master Nithyananda!

Swami Nithyananda is a great Master. It's a shame that in this country, where profound philosophies on life, death, cosmos and everything in between has been given to us by great sages and rishis, today are maligned and defiled on petty grounds. They are victims of some mob hysteria.

I believe that there are great souls, enlightened beings who are constantly working with their cosmic energies to help human beings walk steady on the spiritual path. Some, like Swamiji, are among us, while some others like Mahavatar Babaji, are in the Himalayas working tirelessly for the benefit of mankind.

I am not an initiated devotee, but I can say with definiteness that Swamiji's lectures have given me the courage and the intelligence to live life and deal with the mundaneness of all that is around.

In the world that we live today where chaos and confusion has taken over our lives, there are no true role models who can guide us in our efforts to find a perfect balance of material comfort and spiritual thought. It is these true Masters and saints who make all the esoteric knowledge easilly understandable so that we may take one small step in the direction of liberation of self and live in oneness with those around us.

It's a pity that celebrities have more influence in our society than saints. People whose personal lives are in such shambles have the power to influence the youth about how to get fair, colour their hair, change partners like phone plans and more such rubbish.

The youth give them the demi-god status and pay them not only with crores of money but also with their self-worth and self-esteem, while the celebs make their money and move on. We will gladly pay to listen and watch movie wonders who drive over pedestrians over jilted loves, indulge in drunken brawls and shoot and kill endangered species to cook a happy meal for themselves. They end up having their own reality shows.

Swamiji's decision to resign and go into seclusion has not come as a surprise. Am sure there are many devotees in other countries who would welcome him with open minds and hearts. It would be a huge loss to us. Hope he comes back amidst us soon and till then his lectures would be a guiding light for the rest of us.

- Swathi Saripella

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